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Shedding the Weight!



My Story:

Hello! I thought I would begin with a very important subject in every woman’s life. Well weight of course. Through out high school and a few years after graduation I stayed the same weight at 130. But then we bough a house and that was my down fall. I gained 15 pounds! How did this happen? When I was younger I ate even worse. Well my body had changed I couldn’t fit in to things and I was so frustrated yet I was not very motivated to go to the gym then. So down the road I discover what GMOs are. Ever since I have changed my diet I have been shedding the pounds! I have lost 10 pounds in a month!!:) I had to share this with you because I was so excited this morning when I stepped on the scale. It felt great. I had not really been working out like I hope to but I walk about 3 miles one day a week. It is really crazy to me how bad and weight gaining these foods were. and we wonder why our obesity rate is so bad in the United States here is why:

How my diet affected my weight:

This video gave me goose bumps. It is so sad.




Dog gone it

So today after I was done at school I was suppose to go get dog food! Well I totally forgot! So I get home and need to feed my pup. I google what they can and can’t eat and found some really cool stuff. I knew that dogs could eat human foods but not as many as I discovered! So I made him some brown rice and while that was cooking cut up some organic apples and organic carrots. Well he was in love with the apples. I even let him try a blueberry! It was like he was in doggie heaven tonight. Just thought I had to share this with you!:) I can’t wait till I have my garden and chickens so I can feed him this way all the time
21 foods dog can eat

Oh and Rexx says Hello!